Wine Tips

Quick Tips

Here’s a shortlist of quick tips for getting started with wine:

  • White wines taste best slightly chilled—about 45 degrees—while red wines should be served at around room temperature or slightly cooler—about 55 to 70 degrees.
  • Some rules are meant to be broken. You may be familiar with the “white wine with white meat/red wine with red meat” dictum. It’s not a bad general guide—the robust character of red wine might overwhelm lightly baked chicken, while the fresh, bright character of many white wines would probably not be able to stand up to the rich flavors of a heavy steak.
  • Wondering how much wine to order for your dinner party? Count on one bottle of wine to serve two to three people drinking responsibly over the course of a three-hour evening. If wine will be the main beverage, provide one bottle for every two people. A 750ml bottle holds approximately five servings.

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